Strategic Account Management Learning Experience

The Strategic Account Management executive course gives you, as a senior sales professional, answers to the following questions:

  • How do we prove our value proposition to the different customer groups?
  • When are you co-creating with your account?
  • What can you influence consciously and what are automatic processes?
  • How can you obtain the maximum sustainable result from your negotiation?


The professors and practical lecturers of the Strategic Account Management executive course include: Prof. Régis Lemmens, Ph.D.; George van Houten, LL.M.; drs. Hans Hopmans; Prof. Toni Sfirtsis, Ph.D.; drs. Bert Duijnstee, LL.M.; Robbert van Velthuijssen; Ayman van Bregt; Wouter van den Berg, Ph.D.; and drs. Lars Duursma.


“We practice, what you preach.”

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      From now on, it is possible to register for the cycle in March 2022: The courses take place centrally in the Netherlands.

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