Sales Leadership Learning Experience

The Sales Leadership executive course gives you, as a commercial leader, answers to the following questions:

  • What is your leadership style?
  • How do you retain sales talent though motivation and reward?
  • Which models can you use to support the sales strategy?
  • How can you adjust your sales strategy to the developments in your organization?

Registration dates for this course

Sales Leadership cycle 2023-I

Thursday 23 March – 12.00u t/m 20.30u
Thursday 30 March – 12.30u t/m 20.30u
Thursday 13 April – 12.30u t/m 20.30u
Thursday 20 April – 12.30u t/m 20.30u
Tuesday 9 May – 12.30u t/m 20.30u
Tuesday 16 May – 12.30u t/m 20.30u
Thursday 1 June – 12.30u t/m 20.30u
Thursday 8 June – 12.30u t/m 20.30u

Tuesday 19 September – 12.00u t/m 20.30u
Tuesday 26 September – 12.30u t/m 20.30u
Tuesday 10 October – 12.30u t/m 20.30u
Tuesday 31 October – 12.30u t/m 20.30u
Tuesday 7 November – 12.30u t/m 20.30u
Tuesday 14 November – 12.30u t/m 20.30u
Tuesday 28 November – 12.30u t/m 20.30u
Thursday 7 December – 12.30u t/m 20.30u


The professors and practical lecturers of the Sales Leadership executive course include: Steven van Agt; Prof. Ron Meyer, Ph.D.; Prof. Jan de Vuijst, Ph.D.; Dennis Maessen, LL.M.; Manon Bongers; drs. Roel van de Wiele; drs. John de Kok; Asst. Prof. Kilian Wawoe, Ph.D.; Ayman van Bregt; Wouter van den Berg, Ph.D.; Robbert van Velthuijssen; and drs. Lars Duursma.


“We practice, what you preach.”

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      As of today, registration is possible for the 2022-II, 2023-I and 2023-II cycles. The courses take place centrally in the Netherlands.

      Cycle 2023-I: from 23 March 2023 to 8 June 2023.

      Cycle 2023-II: from 19 September 2023 to 7 December 2023.

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