Market leader in post-academic sales (management) executive courses

The courses are characterized by state-of-the-art knowledge and insights with a strong scientific foundation. An independent external scientific board of eight highly qualified professors from various leading European universities is responsible for the level of knowledge and the continuous refinement of the curriculum. Along with prestigious lecturers who have practical experience, they translate the latest scientific knowledge and insights to the relevant account management and sales (management) practice.

A post-academic executive course increases your knowledge so you can restructure insights obtained and link these to your own experience. This leads to an awareness of the fundamental principles that underlie sales and account management. Since 1996, the team has successfully trained more than 6,500 commercial leaders and sales professionals and is an authority in the field of next-level executive education.

After successfully completing one of the executive courses, participants receive an official certificate that is recognized by the European Academic Sales Board.

A unique combination of science and

Our professors and lecturers with practical experience